Ir para o conteúdo launches a book with data on the Internet usage habits of Brazilians during the COVID-19 pandemic

26 ABR 2021


The publication is the result of the compilation of the last three editions of the ICT Panel COVID-19, launched last year

In 2020, the Regional Center for Studies on the Development of the Information Society ( of the Brazilian Network Information Center ( researched the impact of the pandemic on how Brazilians use the network. This work resulted in three editions of the ICT Panel COVID-19 survey, covering topics such as culture, e-commerce, online public services, telehealth, privacy, remote learning and telework. Now the data from these surveys, released last year, have been compiled into a book in Portuguese and English.

"The editions of the ICT Panel COVID-19 showed that Internet use in Brazil became more intense during the pandemic, including entertainment, consumption, education, and work activities, among others. The survey also revealed the persistence of inequalities in technology access and adoption, especially among the most vulnerable groups. These data are useful to support public policies to fight the pandemic and guide initiatives of the private and third sector”, explains Alexandre Barbosa, manager of| 

ICT Panel COVID-19       
The first edition of the study revealed an increase in e-commerce, online cultural activities and of people watching lives during the pandemic. In the second edition, it was possible to see that looking for information or carrying out public services over the Internet grew during this period, as well as telehealth services, but that users were concerned about their privacy and personal data protection. The third and last edition of the survey highlighted that cell phones were the devices most used by Internet users in the lowest social classes for remote learning and telework.  

To see all the data from the three editions of the ICT Panel COVID-19, visit and download the free publication at